Reporting Grass Sickness Cases

The Equine Grass Sickness Surveillance Scheme is completely confidential and the information that you provide will be maintained by the Animal Health Trust and the Equine Grass Sickness Fund – the only charity dedicated to supporting and advancing research into EGS and further improving the treatment of chronic cases.

Please read these notes before completing the questionnaire:

1. Please complete the questionnaire for one horse/pony only. If you wish to report more than one case please complete separate questionnaires for each horse/pony.

2. Please complete all three sections of the questionnaire.

3. For more information or for clarification on any aspect of the Equine Grass Sickness Surveillance Scheme please phone Dr Jo Ireland on 01638 555399 or email equine [email protected]

Case Details

1. What is/was your horse/pony's name?

2. Where was your horse/pony kept when he/she first showed signs of EGS? The address of the premises will be kept confidential and anonymous, and will only be used for mapping purposes. This information is vital to help us establish if EGS is more common in certain areas of the country.





3. What age was your horse/pony when you first noticed signs of EGS? (Years / months)

4. What sex is/was sex your horse/pony?

5. What breed is/was your horse/pony? (Or type if breed is unknown)

6. When did your horse/pony first show signs of EGS? If you are unsure of the exact date please provide the month and year in which your horse/pony first showed signs of EGS

7. Did your horse/pony survive?

8. Which one of the following best describes the type of EGS and the outcome?

9. Which best describes how the diagnosis was made? (please tick all that apply)

Premises Details

10. Prior to showing signs of EGS how long had your horse/pony been kept on

a) The whole premises ( Years/ months/ weeks/ days)

b) The affected paddock (Years/ months/weeks/days)

11. At the time when your horse/pony first showed signs of EGS what was the area available for horses grazing on:

a) The whole premises (Acres)

b) The affected paddock (Acres)

12. At the time when your horse/pony first showed signs of EGS what was the total number of horses/ponies grazing, including the affected horses on

a) The whole premises

b) The affected paddock

13. Have there been any previous cases of EGS on
a) The whole premises
b)The affected paddock

14. Since what date are you aware of the history of the premises (DD/MM/YY)

Your Details

15. Your Name

16. Your Address



Post Code


Email Address

Your comments or observations

Thank you for lettting us know about your case of EGS. In spring and autumn we send a copy of The Equine Grass Sickness Fund newsletter 'Equine News' to all our supporters, including those who have reported cases, with news about research and fundraising activities. If you would like to receive a copy of the newsletter please tick here: